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WHY flutter testing?

It helps to ensure that the application performs correctly before publishing it into the market and add high value and quality to the application.

WHAT is flutter testing?

Flutter test is also the same as the general test method and flutter automated…


Lean is one of the project management techniques which comes under the umbrella term of agile project management methodology. Actually the special thing of this project management practice is it does not include a set of principles like other software project development methodologies. When considered simply it can be…

Agile values of agile manifesto

As a solution for the heavyweight software development process and document-driven approach in 2001 there was a born on agile manifesto. This manifesto was coming under the 4 values and 12 principles. In figure 1.0 you can see those four values. When you go through this document you can get…


Undergraduate in Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanaka

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