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WHY flutter testing?

It helps to ensure that the application performs correctly before publishing it into the market and add high value and quality to the application.

WHAT is flutter testing?

Flutter test is also the same as the general test method and flutter automated test is coming with three main categories.

  • Unit test
  • Widget test
  • Integration test

WHO is responsible for flutter testing?

When it considers almost all of the software teams have QA engineers in their team who are responsible for this. If it is not a dedicated QA engineer this job is also done by the software engineer.

WHEN/WHERE it needs to be done?

There are several approaches to conducting software projects. According to that it depends on the test requiring time. Once the software team completed the development process they can continue the unit test then widget test and finally the integration test. Or one the team chooses the Test Driven Development(TDD) process, first they have to write then it needs to fulfill the requirements of it. Basically it goes through the repeatable three steps. Those are writing a failing test, making the test pass, improving the code.

HOW to do flutter testing?

  • UNIT TEST — on a single function method or a class

This is the basic level of a test which ensures the quality of a single method, function or a class. Mainly this test method focuses on three main aspects.

  1. Initialize (Arange)
  2. Execution (Act)
  3. Observation (Assert)
  • WIDGET TEST — on a single widget(UI component)

The main object of the widget test is to be verified that the considered widget looks (UI) and interacts (UX) as expected.

  • INTEGRATION TEST — on complete app or large part of app

Aim of this integration test is to verify that all widgets and services tested work together as expected.

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