LEAN - Optimum way of project management


According to the above definition we can get the idea of the lean. Actually which is not only one of another practice and it is built around the values. Those sets of values are supported to improve the quality of development method. The special thing of these lean values is that those are aid to eliminating the waste of time resources and other project related wastages.

“An organization will get what it values, and the Agile Manifesto does us a great service in shifting our perception of value from process to people, from documentation to code, from contracts to collaboration, from plans to action. ”

-Tom & Mary Poppendieck: Agile toolkit-

How to identify waste activities? & Where is the value added?

  • When selecting activities, consider whether it adds a value to the client’s and; eventually the customer would like to pay for it.
  • The team highly pays attention to the activity that needs to be done right the first time. Actually they hope to go away without any rework. The same as the team and client do not have to waste time and resources on that activity again.



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